Illustration – Esports Artist

In 2021 I made some banners for the company Skinworld, a CS:GO skins website where fans of the game trade, buy, and sell their skins.

Here are some examples of banners developed:

FTW Branding

FTW – one of the largest Portuguese esports organizations, asked me for a logo proposal. They decided to keep their old identity, but here’s my logo proposal. The goal was to have a more minimal approach to their eagle head that would make the branding cleaner and easy to adapt to the different mediums required by esports organizations: social media banners, overlays, jerseys, and overall merch.

We wanted to give a fresh and minimal approach to the eagle head, but we did an illustration for fun, because we thought a drawing would make a great t-shirt for the fans!

Current logo:

New proposals

Esports Bar

Esports Bar now called Esports Conex, is an event that happens yearly that provides gaming and esports industry
professionals, with conferences, workshops, and networking meet-ups – the goal of Esports Conex is to be inspire business peers,
do business, and share experiences and knowledge.

We worked together for 4 months where I developed images and copy for articles together, focusing on hot topics and trends in the industry, have a look at
some of the work we developed together:

Article links:

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Atlanta, the new esports capital?
Atlanta, new esports capital?

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Kudos Lab

Kudos is a Swedish and Berlin-based company, they provide gamers a platform that pretends to unify fintech, e-commerce, and play-to-earn mechanics to revolutionize how gamers are rewarded through a Prize system that is unique, as well as a coin that cannot be used on several gaming platforms.

The identity of Kudos was based on a guiding star and aim symbol so common in first-shooting games, they wanted the symbol to be strong and recognizable since it was going to be used as a coin, and at the same time they didn’t want to fall on the usual champions of diamonds and arrow shapes.


Lurkit is a fast-growing Swedish gaming tech company on a mission to deliver the best ecosystem that connects all major stakeholders in gaming, the Swedish company approached me in 2021 to make a few customized banners for their new influencer platform.

The concept was a journey of the creator, that starts with research, as you can see in the first picture, the client wanted an illustration of a library to demonstrate
the action of the research done by the content creators about their best strategies to grow their platforms.

The second image, Lurkit asked me to illustrate a rocket taking the flight to the sky, symbolizing the creators’ success, once they gathered their best tools, they could fly to the stars.

SCHALKE 04 2020

I’ve had the great chance to collaborate with Schalke, redesigning their main social media and streaming assets with an emphasis on the League of Legends, FIFA & PES franchise. Schalke 04 is one of the oldest football clubs in Germany and the Esports club needed a redesign, the challenge was to sophisticate the club visual line without taking away the identity of the club, which is extremely settled duo the traditional roots of the club. Here, we have a selection of wallpapers, social media postings, illustrations, logos, and overlays.

Tweet when Schalke broke their losing streak, one of the favorites, done with a help of a fan and friend:


Personalized letters for players made for ESL ONE NEW YORK. After a long journey is nice to have a surprise waiting for you in your hotel room. A small touch of empathy does miracles for motivation. Photos of the letters were shared by players and all over social media bringing the community together.

Pro Player’s Portraits


As much as we wish to bring the stars closer to the public, we still need to create a realm of worship around them. People love to know more about their heroes. Where do they come from? What’re their dreams? Fears? Plans for the future? Create a profile, create a story, bring them close to the people and yet, bring their own legend to life. This brings unlimited content to the fans.

I know players want to practice and hate media days, but we can still entertain them and the fans with the right ideas. With this idea in mind, I created a few player’s portraits.