Paris CS:GO Major – Esports Artist
Paris CS:GO Major

In 2023, I collaborated with Final Level, a prominent Brazilian content production company, to create a series of engaging content featuring notable influencers from the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) scene: Shevi, Liminha, and Filipe. Our project took us to Paris, where we aimed to blend the vibrant Parisian lifestyle with the electrifying atmosphere of the CSGO Major in Paris, France.

We explored and showcased the cultural intersections between the iconic city of Paris and the dynamic world of CSGO. This involved playing with quintessential French clichés and weaving them into our narrative to create a unique and entertaining experience for our audience. Our content captured not only the essence of the game but also the charm and allure of Parisian life.

This exciting project was produced for Rivalry BR, a betting company specializing in CSGO and League of Legends.

Each day, we released a recap featuring our influencers: Shevi, Liminha, and Filipe “BT” Moreno. These daily updates included highlights of our experiences, recaps of the matches, and insights into the betting odds, providing a comprehensive package for fans and bettors alike.

Team: Débora Ornelas, Rafael Bittencourt and Lucas Bordon.


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