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Esports Bar

Esports Bar now called Esports Conex, is an event that happens yearly that provides gaming and esports industry
professionals, with conferences, workshops, and networking meet-ups – the goal of Esports Conex is to be inspire business peers,
do business, and share experiences and knowledge.

We worked together for 4 months where I developed images and copy for articles together, focusing on hot topics and trends in the industry, have a look at
some of the work we developed together:

Article links:

ESL Gaming’s CO-CEO Craig Levine reminding us that the “e” in esports is still the cornerstone of everything

Heroic acquire MIBR’s spot in BLAST Premier

100 Thieves is making a videogame

PGL’s Major breakings viewing records

Atlanta, the new esports capital?
Atlanta, new esports capital?

Esports deals – First quarters of 22

Esports Connex celebrates International’s Womens Day

Games into movies? Have we found the right formula

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