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Back in 2018 SK was close to signing the full Brazilian squad – led by coach Apoka with chelo, fnx, kng, felps, and b1t. Sadly, due to sponsor obligations, SK Gaming had to drop the CS:GO team, some weeks before the scheduled announcement.

The pictures below are from the announcement that was supposed to happen.

The concept was developed by me and the team, and I wanted to link the street art from Brazil to a business setting, because I never saw, at that point, CS:GO players in suits, and I wanted to play with the contrasts between the street heroes and the serious business team atmosphere!

Video released of SK Gaming explaining the situation

Photos by SK Gaming photographers:

A bit of behind the scenes shots that I really like:


Perhaps, the most important job of the ESL era. Art Direction used in 2016 for events like Cologne, New York, Hamburg, and Genting. The ESL crew idealized a bright blue Key Art in order to bring a necessary contrast in the stage since the interior of the stadiums have low illumination. The shape and color of the ESL ONE logo was used as base for the asset construction.


Assets created for the Clash Royal Team announcement in 2018. We want to create a strong vibrant style and an interesting narrative. The hashtag #SKINGDOM was warped around the theme of castles, princesses and golem barrels.


We had just a couple of days to prepare an announcement. With the team roster still incomplete, we decided to use original footage from Supercell with our own voices on top of it.


While we were in Los Angeles, we visited the Museum of Selfies with our team. I was responsible for the script, organizing the whole trip, ensuring everyone had fun, and contributing to the great fun energy!

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