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Back in 2018 SK was close to signing the full Brazilian squad – led by coach Apoka with chelo, fnx, kng, felps, and b1t. Sadly, due to sponsor obligations, SK Gaming had to drop the CS:GO team, some weeks before the scheduled announcement.

The pictures below are from the announcement that was supposed to happen.

The concept was developed by me and the team, and I wanted to link the street art from Brazil to a business setting, because I never saw, at that point, CS:GO players in suits, and I wanted to play with the contrasts between the street heroes and the serious business team atmosphere!

Video released of SK Gaming explaining the situation

Photos by SK Gaming photographers:

A bit of behind the scenes shots that I really like:


Since 2020, I’ve been an employee of HLTV, a news website and forum that covers professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive esports news, tournaments, and statistics daily updated.
For the past 2 years, I managed their larger community in large community and created content for the forums and Social Media.
I worked on different kinds of projects across HLTV’s social platforms, always trying to keep our narratives exciting and engaging for fans worldwide.

Here are some of my favorite tweets I’ve done for HLTV so far:

Announcement video for the journalist Roque Marques, using a well know Brazilian-CSGO-meme “I will trust Roque Marques” – to communicate about our new hire

Some artwork and concepts we did for Social Media:


Personalized letters for players made for ESL ONE NEW YORK. After a long journey is nice to have a surprise waiting for you in your hotel room. A small touch of empathy does miracles for motivation. Photos of the letters were shared by players and all over social media bringing the community together.